The Ohio State House

Steeped in history, this building is open to the public during normal hours for guided and self guided tours.  I found the easiest way to get there is to go to the state underground parking(not very expensive) which has an entrance that leads right into the building and is pretty close to the museum and tour center.

I found going at 11am on Saturday to be a great time as the only people I bumped into during my two hour self guided tour were state police officers walking the building.
There are also guided tours for those who would like to hear about the history of the building from a knowledgeable historian.

The architecture is very fascinating and very intricate and detailed.   A lot of the handrails of the stairs are made of marble, and the hall floors are very detailed with small tiles that make patterns.

Exterior Images:

Interior Images:


Light pole on stairway

The Governor

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