Train Depot, OP Chaney and The Prentiss School

This park and historic location is located in Canal Winchester not far from the old Town Hall building.

Panorama showing all the items of interest.
From left to right:
The Prentiss School building, O.P Chaney and Sons building, railroad cars, train depot
Here, you will find some unique structures.  Detailed information on these structures can be found at this website:  Canal Winchester History/Places
The Prentiss School:
Built in the mid to late 1800’s, it was a one room school house that accommodated grades 1 – 8.  It was retired from school service in 1922.
O.P. Chaney and Sons:
The Chaney’s started their grain endeavors in 1851, building several of these large structures over the companies life span.  This particular structure was a grain warehouse, storing the commodity until it was loaded on rail cars for transport.

Canal Winchester Train Depot:

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