Wolfe Park Suspension Bridge

Located just off of Nelson Road in Bexley, Wolfe Park is home to an interesting suspension bridge for walkers and bike riders.

According to the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department,
Wolfe Park was donated by a deed in the amount of $1 to the City of Columbus by Robert F. Wolfe and his wife Della M. Wolfe. According to the documentation, the wording in the deed states “…in consideration of the good will which we bear toward the people of the said City of Columbus…” 
A suspension bridge was constructed across Alum Creek in 1922 to connect Franklin Park and is in use today as a bike path and pedestrian crossing.

 Source: Columbus Parks and Recreation

We at VisualOhio, just love finding new parks and recreation areas to share.  This area contains wide open spaces, is pet friendly and is located right next door to Academy park and within walking distance of Franklin Park Conservatory.

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