Another Year At The Arnold Classic! 2014 Edition

Another Year At The Arnold!!

We were able to cover the Arnold Classic at the Columbus Convention Center again this year.

The vendors were there in full force as always, but the arm wrestling competition did not disappoint.  Both men and women divisions competed.  Awards were then given out by Hollywood stars and athletes, Jason Statham and Randy Couture.  Jason Statham was also there to receive an award for International Athlete of the Year 2014 for martial arts and diving.

Sponsors even needed a break to catch up on some work.  As packed as the venue was, you have to find the space where ever you can, even if it is next to a posing Arnold.

You can see here the hustle and bustle of the crowd outside the Expo entrance.  If you think this is busy, check out all the people on the inside watching bodybuilding, lifting, strongman, gymnastics and martial arts competitions!

There were even living artist shows at the Convention Center.

The squat competition was fierce and these lifters gave their all in the main hallway area.

These martial artists were entertaining themselves while they had some downtime between competitions.

The strongman competitors left their all out on the stage.  Some left more than others as we were approaching weights of over 1000lbs on some lifts.  The image above helped some of these super strong athletes rid their hands of skin!  These are some serious weights.

If you missed the Arnold Classic this year, don’t fret as you will have another chance to see all this and much more at next years action packed event.

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