North Market In Downtown Columbus

The North Market has been around Columbus for a long time, 1876.  It was not the first market of its kind in Columbus.  There were central, south, east and west markets started between 1849 and 1850.

If you’ve been in Columbus any length of time, all one need say is North Market and everyone knows where and what you are referring.

The North Market leases floor space to vendors of all types, from food establishments, grocery merchants, coffee shops, to flowers and gifts.

Below are images from the inside and outside of the Columbus icon.  This is one of those places to experience.  Guaranteed that you will find something here that you will love and return again and again to get your favorite, drink, food, meat, flowers, spices….to whatever takes your fancy!

North Market Lit Up At Night

Some of the best Ice Cream in the country can be found here!
Like your pretzels fresh?  Can’t get much fresher than made right in front of you!

Decisions, decisions.
Hot beverage or cool refresher….yep…you can get that here too!
Seating options for the various restaurants can be found on the second floor.  This is but a small section.

Try before you buy?  You bet!  ind your favorite flavors.

Need some fresh produce?  All year round, it can be found here.

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