Ohio History Center – Civil War Reenactment 2014

The Ohio History Center was the location of a US Civil War reenactment this June at the Ohio Village area.

The village was sectioned off into 2 camps, one for those representing the Union soldiers and the other section housed the Confederate soldiers.

As with most of the reenactment events, most of the day, you wander about the grounds and learn from the reenactors there about the time period and the lives the soldiers led.

Specific times allow for expertly choreographed battles that include various types of cannon, cavalry and infantry skirmishes with varying maneuvers.

You can learn quite a bit just by watching these battle sequences to see how warfare was conducted back in the 1860’s.

These types of events can be very immersive and the Ohio Village is a perfect backdrop to this event.

Keep scrolling down to enjoy some additional images from this event.

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