The Journey of Andrew Byrd – Part 2 – The Return

Photography by:  Andrew Livelsberger
Written by:  Andrew and Danielle Livelsberger
Safely parked in the Quaker Steak and Lube parking lot, the first hug comes from Diane “momma” Byrd

After 10 adventure filled days of riding through the 48 contiguous states and 10,000 miles later, Andrew Byrd returns home!!

Everyone was on pins and needles, waiting for his return.  The return location was Quaker Steak and Lube, bike night, located in t he Polaris area of north Columbus.

Throughout the Journey, Andrew had a constant GPS feed sent out for anyone interested in his current locations.  Upon the return, the site was reporting 8:32pm and it was pin point accurate.  When Andrew pulled into the lot, everyone cheered.  Glad he was home, glad he was safe.  Happy to see their father and their friend.  His ride collected donations in excess of their goal of $10,000.  Everyone who contributed, thank you for helping this worth cause.

All family and friends were there to greet him.

large crowd of patrons and supporters listen as Andrew makes a short speech

10,000 miles and no bath (the bike) results in this interesting modern art windshield

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