Churches In Logan Ohio

Written and photography by:
Andrew Livelsberger


St. John’s Catholic Church
351 North Market Street
Logan, OH 43138

First Presbyterian Church of Logan
2 West Hunter Street
Logan, OH 43138


It was an unusually warm day for February in Ohio.  We woke to 30F, and the day showed promise of reaching 52F.

We were originally going to participate and cover the Winter Hike starting at Old Man’s Cave, but after reading some reviews of last year – participation being 5000+, and word of this year being 7000+, it was decided that we would explore elsewhere.

Don’t get us wrong, the Winter Hike is a great event, with a 6 mile hike, and drinks and bean soup at the half way point!  It was just not for us today.

Instead we hit downtown Logan area and decided to take a walk into some places we have never been before.  We’ve traveled into Logan quite a bit as we get into the Hocking Hills area a lot.  On this day, we decided to go into it and concentrate on some of the beautiful church exteriors.  2 in particular, the First Presbyterian Church of Logan and St. John’s Catholic Church.

The sky was a beautiful blue this day and there were a few cloud formations throughout that day that made for interesting backgrounds for our images.

History on the First Presbyterian Church of Logan can be found on their website and is quite detailed for those interested.

What struck us about the building was the shine on the exterior bricks.  Looks like they were treated with some kind of varnish or clear coating.  Our guess is that this was done to protect the bricks from erosion.

Another point to investigate is the bell tower.  I’ve not encountered one like it before, which is enclosed and has several bells and not just one.

There are also some nice details in stone to investigate as well.

Now, we move on to the St. John’s Catholic Church.

Up on one of the hills in Logan, you can see 2 of the large cemeteries from here.  Quite a bit taller than the First Presbyterian, due in large part to the bell tower.  The sidewalk in front of the church is below the level of the church on the hill, so you get an interesting angle.

Lots of “mini” towers and a fresco of Jesus Christ over the front door also set this church apart from others we have seen.

Above is a close up of the bell tower.

Here are some side and rear angles of the church.

If you would also like to see these and other images of the churches in color, you can visit our VisualOhio group over at Flickr.

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