Arnold Sports Expo 2015 – Part 3

Written:  Danielle and Andrew Livelsberger
Photography/Video:  Andrew Livelsberger


Day 3 rounds out our coverage with a whirlwind of 50+ dance, archery, cheer and dance, jump rope and equestrian events.


Even though we are on day three, the energy from the event is still on high!  We did cover some of the 50+ dance at the Hilton Hotel Ballroom and Art At The Arnold, most of our time was spent at the new kids expo at the Ohio State Fairgrounds.  The fairgrounds were also the location for the archery, cheer and equestrian events.

50+ Dance

The Hilton ballroom housed the 50+ dance competition.  You wouldn’t have thought it a competition because the participants were having so much fun!!  Some solo and groups of dancers went non-stop.
If you’ve not been before, it is definitely worth the trip across the street to see them perform.

Located at the Ohio State Fairgrounds with the kids expo, the archery competitions showed marksmanship and dedication to a skill that is hundreds, if not thousands of years old.  For those wanting to practice or pull the bow string for the first time, there were representatives of a local archery club there to assist and manage the range.

The cheer routines brought high energy, gymnastics and dance together for smiling faces in the crowd!

Jump Rope
While double dutch and other jump rope competitions were found at the Convention Center, the kids expo had a jump rope demo team.  Tandem and solo, they showed just how much athleticism it takes to keep up with the speedy rope with handles!
Not only did they keep up, but they did things I didn’t even know possible!

Riding in the indoor arena at the fair grounds, the riders showed their mastery of controlling their horses in different disciplines.  One of the competitions, shown in the image below is called “reining”.  It is a technique used to get the horse to stop from a gallop, often used in rodeo to help stop a roped calf.

Art At The Arnold
Artists arrive at the convention center and create wonderful works of art based on the sporting events represented at the Arnold.   All kinds of media are represented including drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed media.

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