Akron Zoo – Small But Packs A Punch

Written:  Danielle and Andrew Livelsberger
Photography: Andrew Livelsberger

Going just 25 minutes north of Canton is the Akron Zoo.  After visiting the McKinley Memorial and museum and downtown Canton, we push further north!

It can be a hard comparison when you live so close to the number one zoo in the country, The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.  The big difference here is that Akron’s Zoo is within the city limits, while Columbus is on the outskirts, where land is plentiful for expansion.

We are happy to report that the Akron Zoo does a wonderful job with the limited space it has, providing a fun experience.  We didn’t really need a map of any kind as the layout of the zoo provides you with a path that leads you through everything.

We were happy to see the habitats were clean and well maintained.   Being a smaller footprint has it’s benefits.  You got a lot closer to the animals than you might at other zoo facilities.

There are a great variety of animals to see as well.

While this might not be an “all day” zoo, you can spend a few hours walking around and see it all!

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