Wizard World Columbus 2017 – Day 3

Written by Dani / Andrew Livelsberger and Elise Mabry
Photo/Video by Andrew Livelsberger

Combatants from the Columbus chapter of The Saber Legion sparred for out viewing pleasure.


Wizard World is one of the largest comicon/sci-fi conventions held in Central Ohio.  Day 3 gave us witness to light saber fights and more cosplay!

Winding down the last day, the cosplayers were back.  Most new, but there were some that made appearances all 3 days.  This was a long and exciting weekend.  Capped off by lots of panels, competitions and just more of the same cosplay love.

Deathstroke caught me getting his picture.   I might need to run!  😀
Mario Kart!

Star Wars inspired BB-8 dress and hat

Dr. Who teaching a fan a hand signal.

I would not want to mess with this Mandalorian warrior

Weeping Angel gives free hugs!

Rick from Rick and Morty

Skeletor making the rounds, surveying his next possible conquest.

The stand out entertainment for Day 3 for us was the light saber duel on the entertainment stage.  The Saber Legion, a worldwide saber club focusing on saber combat and sparing put on a few matches.

A representative from The Saber Legion explained a bit about the organization.  Then we got a run down of the sparring rules and how points are scored.    This is not a scripted or choreographed fight sequence!   These guys are involved in a sport very similar to fencing.   As you’ll see in the images below, there is safety gear involved.

Explaining the dueling rules before the matches begin.

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