Citizen Jane Movie Screening

Andrew Livelsberger

Our professional photography service, Best Light Photographic, was recently hired to cover a local event at the Gateway Film Center on High Street in Columbus.  The Center for Architecture and Design (CFAD) was having a documentary screening and a panel Q&A.    There was an interesting by product of this event for me that I wanted to share.

Going into the event, I had very little practical knowledge of architecture.  I had a general idea of what an architect does, being designing buildings and spaces.  My only real exposure was Ted Moseby’s character in the TV show, How I Met Your Mother!

The event consisted of 2 documentary films.  One was about Franklinton and the North Market in Columbus, OH, the second was called Citizen Jane which outlined the urban renewal efforts of NYC’s past.

What this event and these documentaries gave me was a sense of perspective.  Not of what an architect does, but a lot more of the why they do what they do and why they design the way they do.

I never took the time before to think about the socio-economic impact of architecture.  Not only must buildings and spaces be beautiful and functional, consideration must be placed on how the building/space will affect or mold the neighborhood.

Money can be saved by using existing structures as a base instead of bulldozing and building new.  When building new, do you spend more on a more durable structure that takes longer to build and has a higher up front cost or do you need the building up quickly and under a tight budget?

Consideration on how the building space will be utilized and the surrounding space will be accessed all need to be included.

The event taught me a lot about urban revival and the consequences that need to be considered during every new build and every renovation.

I want to take the time to thank Tim Lai of Lai Architecture as well as CFAD for the opportunity to work for them, but also for the fabulous educational moment.

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