Polo At Bryn Du Park

Written/Photography by
Andrew Livelsberger


Schedules for Polo at Bryn Du can be found here:
Polo is a team sport played on horse back.  The objective of the game is to strike a white ball with a mallet into the goal.  Rules surrounding the game are to ensure safety during play.
Periods or chukkas are played which are 7 minutes each in duration.  Generally there are 4-8 chukkas per match, and riders change horse between chukkas.  There is also a 10 minute halftime period.
The Polo field is 300 yards long and 160 yards wide.


Upon entering the Bryn Du estate, you cannot but be taken aback by the sheer vastness of it.  From the far end of the field, looking back, you can see the mansion sitting atop the hill.
When the chukka starts, there is a scrum, where the referee throws the ball into the crowd of horses.  Here the riders attempt to to clear the ball from the pack and once done, play moves up and down the field.

The game can be both strategically slow and lightning fast, changing each at the drop of a hat.  
Sitting at the side line, you can get an excellent view of the match as it unfolds.
I cannot imagine the skill it takes to swing a 50+ inch mallet while in full stride on a horse and striking a white ball.   All this and also directing the horses actions make for an exciting watch.
During the halftime, fans and onlookers were invited to walk out onto the field and replace divots.
Competition can be fierce and players block others swings to prevent a goal.
If you’ve never seen a polo match live, I highly recommend it.   Only a short 30 minute drive from Columbus will get you to a great 2 hours of play.

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