Community Festival 2018 (COMFEST)

Written By Dani and Andrew Livelsberger
Photography by Andrew Livelsberger


Columbus Community Festival, a.k.a. COMFEST operating principles can be found here:


COMFEST is a staple in Columbus, bringing with it vendors, music and events of all kinds. 
Volunteers are a big part of the festival and they did a fantastic job this year.   Having talked with quite a few, they were all very friendly and helpful no matter what you needed.

There were some scattered showers during the hours we were there on Saturday.  However, that did not stop people from enjoying themselves or us from covering the event.   You could see people scatter under vendor tents, while others grabbed umbrellas or just let the cool rain shower over them.

If food and drink is your thing, thne you won;t be disappointed there either as a good portion of Goodale Ave is blocked off for beer and food.  Inside the park, you’ll find additional food trucks.

Attending COMFEST annually, we have seen it grow over the years.  This year we noticed a focus on the more family friendly atmosphere where activities geared more toward the youngsters were abundant.  There were book reading stations, play areas, kids activities scattered all through out the park.

Below you can see volunteers helping make tie dye shirts, body paint artists and painting stations for the kids.

No matter if you agree with the politics, you have to appreciate the effort it takes to put something like this together every year.   When your heart is in the right place, looking for ways to better the community and the human condition, we have to at least come together at the table and hear each other out.

Discourse and compromise are always a better solution than ignorance ad violence.   COMFEST gives you an opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life with all kinds of differing views.

All that aside, you can just go there and ENJOY YOURSELF.  Take in some food, fellowship with others from Columbus.  Enjoy the music, the art from our fellow Ohioans, American and our brothers and sisters.

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