Columbus Pet Expo

In it’s 23rd year, the Columbus Pet Expo is an annual event all about pets of numerous kinds!

We all love out pets, whether they be dogs, cats, ferrets or whatever else non-humanoid we decide to bring into our homes and care for.

That love is first evident by the sheer volume of people that attend the Columbus Pet Expo. You first enter into the Bricker building at the Ohio State Fairgrounds and there are vendors as well as shows and areas to entertain your pets.

In the 2 images below, there was a diving dogs platform where people could bring their dogs and have them jump from the platform and into the water. Some dogs were not ready for the jump (like in the first picture), while others swam about with the toy they were chasing.

Bringing your own pets are welcome and as shown in the image below, Mr. Basset Hound was getting to know Mr. Ferret. Such a great site to see the different species in the same area coexisting.

This little chihuahua below had an owner that dressed her as the princess she is. She was a little tired, so we did not “paparazzi” her too much!

There were also some other unorthodox pets, such as various skunks.

The Pet Expo has a little something for everyone. You can stop by a vendor and check out the different pet supplies, food, toys or even clothing for those pets that may need a little extra help out there in the cold Ohio seasons.

For us humans, there are areas to exercise your pets as well as entertaining shows to see what it is others have trained their pets to do.

A fun, family and pet centric event is definitely worth the trip. If you missed this year, look out next March for the next one.

Written by Dani and Andrew Livelsberger
Photography by Andrew Livelsberger

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