Arnold Sports Festival 2020 – Thor Bjornsson Takes Pro Strongman Win

Thor Bjornsson
Arnold Strongman 2020 Champion

The Mountain, Thor Bjornsson took control and was crowned Arnold Strongman 2020 champion, his third straight. Impressively, Thor put in a competition leading deadlifting at 1025lbs.

1025lb deadlift

Close on his heels the entire competition was Matheuz Kieliszkowski. The 3 initial events(trial by stone, wheel of pain, timber carry), Kieliszkowski took first place positions, but faltered on the last 2 (elephant bar deadlift, Cyr Strategic challenge) that gave Thor the bump to number 1.

Matheuz Kieliszkowski
Trial By Stone

Mikhail Shivlyakov, put in an impressive showing despite having an injured ankle. The Siberian Force pushed through injury and recorded a deadlifting over 900lbs. In the end, he was able to push through and share a 6th place position in the competition with Rob Kearney.

Mikhail Shivlyakov
900lb deadlift on injured left ankle

Bobby Thompson was one of the new pros, having secured a place in the Arnold Pro Strongman this year by winning the Arnold Amatuer Strongman in 2019. We got an opportunity to talk with Bobby Thompson on Sunday. He came out to support the Arnold Disabled Strongman competitors. During our discussion, we asked him how he felt about the differences between the Amatuer competition and the Pro. He mentioned that there were a lot of new things that he now understands better about the competition. Through this learning process, he is going to go after a re-qualification and hopes to return to the Arnold Pro Strongman again in 2021. We look forward to seeing him in the future.

Bobby Thompson
Trial By Stone

Rob Kearney, a.k.a. “The World’s Strongest Gay” placed 6th – tied with veteran strongman Mikhail Shivlyakov. Kearney was, in stature, the smallest of the men in the 2020 field but not in performance. Kearney’s ability to push the heavy weights is impressive and we look forward to seeing where he places in future events in 2020.

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