Second George Floyd March in Reynoldsburg

On June 3, 2020 a second, lawful and peaceful protest march in honor of George Floyd was conducted down Main Street in Reynoldsburg. The march started at City Hall and went down to Brice Road and back.

Dipisha Kc organized the march along with a group of her friends. Initial counts by us before the march started gave us between 60 and 100 people. There were more that joined the march in progress.

We overheard Dipisha say that she was worried that only her and 5 of her friends would show up for this march. She was very happy that was not the case and many community leaders as well as people from diverse backgrounds came out to walk and show solidarity for the cause.

The march ended back at city hall where the protesters lay on the grass, symbolizing the position George Floyd was in during his horrific ordeal.

Event coverage can be found below.

The team of organizers
Dipisha Kc addresses crowd in front of city hall

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