Racial Equality Artworks in The Short North

Almost 2 weeks after the protests and property destruction in downtown Columbus following the wake of the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, we took a walk through the Short North Arts district – a section of the city that took a lion’s share of the damage.

Here is a 3 minute video documenting the artwork
Part 1 of many to come!

Walking from High High Street and Goodale Avenue all the way down through to Price Street and back – we documented the artworks and graffiti that sprung up on the buildings and plywood boarded windows and doors.

We are still not done recording all the work that is done here and look to return at a future date to continue the documentation process.

We feel that if someone is taking the time to put up their message, it deserves to be recorded and shared with the masses.

After covering the route we mentioned above, we did travel a bit further into the downtown Columbus area, toward the Ohio State House where we documented some other street art works.

We recorded over 200 unique images of the downtown artwork. Our plan is to put together a few videos / slideshows of the works in small 2-3 minute intervals. We will release those here on our website as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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