The American Sign Museum


The American Sign Museum is located at 1330 Monmouth Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45225
It is the largest public museum dedicated to signs in the United States.
The museum is 20,000 square feet and covers over 100 years of signage history.

There are guided(check availability due to COVID19) and self guided tours.

They have excellent restroom facilities and a gift shop with unique items.


We’ve wanted to go here for some time now, but something always seemed to redirect our plans.

A visit to the American Sign Museum is just what we needed in this COVID era.

The first image above is what you are greeted to when you make your way to the front entrance.

Inside, you pay your $15 per adult and then get unleashed to see the different types of signs. From carved wood, painted signs, glass, gold and silver pre-neon and neon signs are all here.

Some of the signs do also have animation, so check out this 30 second video of some of them:

The camera sign below was from Loomis Camera in Elyria, OH. The flash does blink!

In the middle of the museum is “main street”. It is a reproduction of “Main Street USA” type scene, complete with mock store fronts and signs that are typical of the time period and business.

There is a lot of interesting signs and history here. The signs and time periods are well documented with the placards around the museum as well as the provided paper and audio tours.

If you are in the Cincinnati area and are looking for something different, a visit to the American Sign Museum should be on your list.

The majority of the signs are inside, but there are some signs and murals outside as well. Take a walk around the parking lot and check them out.

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