Franklin Park Conservatory – The Revisit Part 2 – Paul Busse G-Scale Trains

The Paul Busse Railway Exhibit started July 1, 2020 and will be on display at the Grand Mallway behind the Palm House until January 10, 2021.

There are 9 trains in the scale of “G” across the 1122 feet of track.

There are 4 unique botanical themes on display. They include a Wild West Town, European Travel Destinations, Fairytale Land and and animal themed land called Who Lives Here.

There are large mountainous areas made of hollowed out trees. Tunnels and overhangs where the trees go through and above your head. There are even some waterfalls!

In all, there are 51 models made from all natural materials.

We enjoyed ourselves immensely. Walking about and seeing all the different trains, hearing the sounds of the wheels on the tracks and the whistles.

Even if you are not really into trains, just seeing the scale of the exhibit and the detail that went into it are worth a visit!

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