Garden of Constants


Want to find something interesting while out and about on OSU campus by the Horseshoe? Just a short walk from the main entrance to the ‘Shoe, you’ll find Dreese Laboratories. Dreese Lab is home to the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Installed in 1994, this art piece was the idea of Barbara Grygutis.

On the ground, you’ll also find formulas embedded into the walkway that represent the sciences that are studied in the surrounding buildings.

As of 7/25/2021, this area is undergoing some renovation, so some items are not standing as they should be and the pavers that usually are there have been moved.

2055 Millikin Rd
Columbus, Ohio


It would be easy to miss if you were not looking for it, but I used Google Maps walking directions to get from the parking lot at Tuttle Park Place to this small garden of numbers.

It is a neat little art installation with some seating to enjoy.

If you happen to be in the area, spend a minute to visit and explore the surrounding campus to the famous OSU ‘Shoe!

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