Native American Village at George Rogers Clark Park


Located in Clark County, this 250 acre park offers 5 miles of trails. There are scenic waterways, meadows, wildflowers and plenty of wildlife.

Hosterman lake is also here and allows for fishing and non-motorized boating. There is also a native american village here to explore, which is the subject of out post today.

Google Maps Link

936 S Tecumseh Rd, Springfield, OH 45506-4238


This village was a pleasant surprise for us. We found out quite by accident. Our intent was too good to Springfield Ohio for a different reason and while doing a search for local points of interest the George Rogers Clark Park came up.

Shortly after entering the park and driving down the road, we saw the village to our right. There was no place to park near it, so we traveled a bit further down the road to an area of parking by a field that has several trailhead connectors.

We traveled down a trail that seemed more like a water run off than a trail down to the village. Be prepared, as the path has lots of uneven parts. West trail sneakers or hiking boots. Also the trails are narrow, so bug forest may be appropriate depending on time of day/year.

The village is not meant to be a historically accurate Native American village of one tribe, but more of a representation of different architectural types that may have been prevalent in the Ohio area.

These are not just reproductions, but actual functional structures that are used. When we arrived, the village was void of anyone except us, but there was the smell of campfire and one of the buildings had remnants of a warm pile of embers inside.

By each of the structures, you’ll find a sign that describes the approximate time period and a little history of the structure and its usage.

The village is used for educational purposes and they also use it for a tour of market that is open to the public.

We found that this village was a hidden gem that is a fascinating place to stop and examine. If you happen to be in the Springfield area and are looking for something unique to experience, this village might be just the ticket you sure looking for.

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