Street Artworks in Wilmington Ohio


Sometimes you just want to get away, and a small town in Ohio is a great way to do that. Our initial intention was to spend a weekend close to Harveysburg and check out the Yuletide Village at Renaissance Park and cover that for you all. That didn’t happen (we plan on rescheduling that outing so we can provide coverage of that event for you), so we still went and spent some much needed time “unplugging” from the rest of the world.

Since we already had the AirBnB booked for the weekend, we still went to the little town of Wilmington, which sits in Clinton county.

Google Maps – Wilmington, OH


Our AirBnB was located at a small house on Piedmont Street about a mile from the downtown area. Initial vibes of the downtown gave us the feeling of being in Newark and Cambridge – but to a smaller scale.

We always love to be pleasantly surprised hitting a new area. The biggest surprise was the discovery of the amount of street art and murals. The mural below was one of the first ones that we saw when entering the downtown area. From a distance I only saw the top part and it looks very three dimensional.

Just a small walk around the streets and there is very cool olde towne vibes, architecture and more and more murals.

This area is also very close to the World Equestrian Center. Anyone interested in the Equine sports can find the General Denver Hotel as a possible stay location not far from the facility.

We did walk around on a Sunday, so most places were closed and there was not a lot of foot traffic. A few cars on the streets, but nothing major. We were pretty much able to cross the streets as needed to see one thing after the other.

If you are ever in the area, perhaps on your way to Cincinnati, stop by Wilmington and check out what it has to offer.

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