Oregon District in Dayton


Dayton, Ohio has a sub area called the Oregon District.   To know more about the history of the Oregon District, there is a great write up found here:


Google Maps Location – Pay Parking Lot
318 5th Street, Dayton, OH 45402

This gives you an idea of the offerings in the Oregon District and the scope of the area.


Following the Google Maps location above, we parked in a small pay lot right by Omega Music Record Store.

It was a beautiful day, weather wise as we walked down the Main Street.   The sun was out and it was a bit cold on this late November weekend. 

Our visit was on a Sunday, the street and traffic are sparse.  This gives you an opportunity to walk about and investigate the bars, restaurants, shops and street art.

Some of these images are older, and the street art and memorials are now different. The memorials are related to the 2019 shooting that occurred outside of the Ned Peppers and Blind Bob’s establishments.
DaytonDailyNews Article for more details.

We really enjoyed the food and artworks that this area has to offer. Dayton itself has many great places that we are looking to visit in the future, with the Oregon District being one of the first. We have also visited the Air Force Museum and Carillon Park.

Around every corner there is something to see. On a Sunday morning, it is rather subdued, so you can walk about at your leisure, grab something to rat and enjoy the street art…where as on a Friday/Saturday night you can enjoy the entertainment scene or night life.

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