Thomas Dambo Giants at Aullwood Park



This installation of Thomas Dambo’s Wooden Giants is called, “The Troll That Hatched An Egg“.

Aullwood Park’s installation is 1 of 9 in the United States. The trolls found here are Bo, Bodil, and Bibbi.

Further information on the Aullwood installation can be found here:

Main Park Entrance and Parking
955 Aullwood Road, Dayton, Ohio

Farm Area Parking
9101 Frederick Pike, Dayton, Ohio

There is an entrance fee to visit the park, so make sure to go into the nature center to pay and get your sticker. Adult admission is $12 per person. There are some discounts, just ask about them inside the nature center.

This is a pet friendly facility, so you can bring your dog on a walk and enjoy this park and its facilities with your 4 legged friends.



Visual Ohio is no stranger to the Thomas Dambo wooden giants. During an out of state trip to bourbon country in Kentucky, there is another park with an installation there too!

Every installation of these wooden giants is unique and well thought out. Dambo has a way of finding perfect locations in the parks and constructs beautiful troll installations.

Our first stop was to see Bodil. Bodil lives by the Aullwood Farm area. Follow the path across from the parking lot and to the right, past the bee hives. Make your way toward the Sugar house and you’ll see the installation on your right.


We tracked back through the farm, past the duck pond and down toward the North Woods. Coming down the path, through the trees, you’ll see the back of Bo. Follow the small fork path to the clearing across the little stream to see Bo lounging within the trees!


Lastly, we made our way down toward wet meadows and took the outside path toward the prairie tower area. here you’ll discover Bibbi.

Bibbi has wings and looks to be running to take flight! You can get a birds eye view of the back of Bibbi from the prairie tower if you wish.

There is a 4th installation, which is called trolls nest, which is further south of the Bibbi installation. This is an interactive area, kind of like a natural playground.

You can really feel the life that is put into the wooden giants. There is fun and whimsy about their actions. The artist does a phenomenal job of construction as well. Aullwood park is a great park and well worth the admission price. Inclusion of the Wooden Giants is just another great feature to check out. For us, it was worth the day trip. After our hiking, we took a short drive from Aullwood Park to the Oregon District and had some phenomenal food at Lily’s.

Whether you are from the area or not, this is a great way to spend a day outside.

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