The Linh Son Pagoda of Ohio


Not much information can be found about the Linh Son Pagoda of Ohio. What we could find is that it was founded in 1999 at the corner of Lehner and Cleveland Avenue.

4045 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus, Ohio


Visiting over the Fourth of July weekend, the temple grounds were not open. So, our view and impression of the temple is from outside the fence and from the side walk.

This was plenty for us, as you can see quite a bit from there.

First thing we noticed was the beautiful statues and the well cared for grounds.

Some day we will try and return when the grounds are open and talk with the monks that are there. Would love to get some background and discussions on the purpose of the temple and their mission. We can always do a follow up story if that occurs.

It is a very lovely visit, even only seeing it from the street. Please enjoy the images we’ve captured of the grounds.

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