Harrison Park / Side by Side Park

Harrison Park


Located at 995 Harrison Park Place in Columbus, OH, this Columbus Parks and Recreation park is 4.9 acres of greenway trail access, playground and open space.

995 Harrison Park Place
Columbus, OH 43201

Harrison Park


Finding new places all the time is one of our great pleasures. We’ve been to a lot of places in the city of Columbus, so when you find a new park worth reporting on – we have to share!

Harrison Park is small, but mighty. There are various artworks that you can see. Playgrounds for the kids and picnic areas for popping a squat and taking a break. Really love this park for the amount of cool stuff there is in a small area.

Harrison Park
Harrison Park
Harrison Park
Harrison Park – Kayak Launch Area

You can follow the trail to residential area and a small jaunt across a street and to through an alley will bring you to Side-By-Side Park. There is also an entrance to this park from 3rd Street where the greenway trail continues.

Side-By-Side Park is even smaller than Harrison Park, but it has some seating and a few pieces of interesting metal artwork, represented in the images below.

Side by Side Park
Side by Side Park
Side by Side Park
Side by Side Park

If you are in the Olentagy River Road/3rd Street vicinity and want to visit a small, quiet park within the city – this might be the place for you.

Dog friendly? Why yes, yes it is for those that were interested!

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