Smeck Park


Acquired in 1999 from Harold Smeck, this 48+ acre park is a mixture of ravines, winding paths, meadows and fields.

There are picnic table areas, a playground area and various structures through out. Parking is ample.

Bonus – dog friendly!

7395 Basil Rd
Baltimore, OH 43105

More information about the park can be found here at the official site:


About 30 minutes or less from Columbus, you travel east into Baltimore. Don’t drive too fast on Basil Road as you may shoot right past the entrance.

Once you hit the parking lot, you’ll notice a pond, picnic tables and a playground area. Barns, Stover Windmill and the Cruit House will be the first things you see in the park.

To get back to the hiking trails, go past the Cruit house to the right and you’ll see a stone parking area, just past that is the trailhead to the Paw Paw and Walnut Creek Trails.

We would consider the trails here low to moderate difficulty and decent hiking shoes recommended.

Even in late fall, it is beautiful here. The trails are far enough away from main roads to be nice and quite.

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