Arnold Sports Expo 2023 – Guns & Hoses Boxing


An annual event, with this being it’s seventh year, at the Arnold Sports Festival, Guns and Hoses boxing makes a return! Once more, at the Hollywood Casino Event Center in Columbus. This charity event pits volunteer boxers from the local police and fire departments in exhibition matches. There were 24 matches scheduled for 2023.

The event opens with bagpipes and honors.


While you may not think much of exhibition matches, never forget that these two groups of people have a lot of pride in the organizations they represent. They train hard and come out looking to win.

Male and female competitors have never disappointed us in all the years we have covered these pugilistic endeavors. Yes, at times, emotion and adrenaline can get the better of some and you do get some pushing, clinching and the occasional “wild barrage” of punches…but that is actually very rare.

This is a great event to support. You get a full 3 hours of boxing, a charity to support and you have the full of Hollywood Casino for entertainment, dinner and drinks before, during and after the event.

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