Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center


The Ohio Judicial Center is a historic building in Columbus, Ohio. It was designed by Harry Hake in the Art Deco style and built from 1930 to 1933. The building was originally known as the Ohio Departments Building, as it first housed Ohio state departments. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1990. Beginning in 2001, an extensive renovation restored the building, and set it up to be used for the Supreme Court of Ohio. The building reopened in 2004, marking the first time the court was established in a building solely for the judiciary, and the first time the building was open to the public.

The building is located at 65 S. Front St. in downtown Columbus. It is a 14-story building faced in Georgia marble. The building’s exterior is decorated with Art Deco artwork symbolizing the history, natural resources, industries, and achievements of Ohio and its people. The building’s interior is also decorated with Art Deco artwork, including murals, mosaics, and sculptures.

The Ohio Judicial Center is home to the Supreme Court of Ohio, the Court of Appeals of Ohio, and the Ohio State Library. The building also houses the offices of the Ohio Attorney General and the Ohio Secretary of State. The building is open to the public for tours.

The Ohio Judicial Center is a significant example of Art Deco architecture in Ohio. The building is also significant for its role in the history of the Ohio judiciary. The building is a popular tourist destination and a valuable part of the Columbus community.

Information on the background was sourced from Google Bard (beta).


This is another great building to visit when Ohio throws a weather curveball to you!

The Thomas J Moyer Judicial Center is another place of extraordinary architecture.

Visiting is free, but limited to the ground and first floor. Remember to bring your ID with you as the security personnel with scan it and give you a temporary ID for entry. You’ll need to return this ID upon exit so don’t lose it!

Looking at the exterior, you really should take it in from all sides! From across Front Street as well as the river side of the building at the Scioto Mile and Marconi.

Moving to the sides, there are fountains on each. The one we found most impressive is the giant metallic gavel!

Moving inside, the main foyer and lobby are a standard affair…but the surprise is when you enter into the main hallway! That’s when you get to start seeing the Art Deco styling of the walls, meeting rooms and smaller court rooms.

The big draw – The Supreme Court Main Room as seen below.

You’ll need to stay behind the ropes, but no matter which doorway you enter, you’ll be treated to a visual feast. The ceiling, walls and gallery are all a sight to behold. This is all on the main floor.

Supreme Court of Ohio Courtroom

The ground floor is home to a “museum”. One section is dedicated to Ohio’s indigenous peoples, while going over to another area you’ll find judicial history and info on the Ohio Supreme Court.

Another beautiful and accessible building for all to visit and enjoy as well as learn about Ohio, her history and judiciary.

Please take the time to visit some time and enjoy the historical and architectural heritage that Ohio’s capitol city has to offer.

Once done, at the Judicial Center, you can pop over to the Scioto Mile and take a walk along the river and over the bridges for a great view of the Ohio skyline.

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