Veteran’s Memorial and Museum

If you’ve been a long time resident of Columbus or the closely surrounding areas, you probably remember the Veteran’s Memorial building on Broad Street in downtown.

Not only do you remember it, but you may very well have attended an event there or even had your high school graduation ceremony hosted there.

Many were sad when the original Veteran’s Memorial was removed. However, there is much to celebrate now with the new Veteran’s Memorial and Museum building and grounds.


Even from the street, you’ll notice the strikingly modern architecture.

The lines of the building are bold and clean. The curving pattern is a theme you’ll see throughout the exterior as well as the interior.

Around the back of the building there is a memorial walkway. During the non winter months, there is a functional water feature with waterfalls and a pond area that follows the length of the wall.

Let’s explore the interior of the Memorial/Museum.

Walking in the front door is a grand hallway. In the picture below, the front door is on the left and the front desk just off image to the right.
As mentioned previously, you can see the curving architecture theme.

Starting off to the right, you’ll be taken through the history of America at war and those that fought through those conflicts.

The visual presentation is superb. Everything is easy to read, and well organized.

I will say this. I’ve been to the Flight 93 Museum in Someret, PA. that was one of the most moving museums I’ve ever been. This memorial/museum space brought with it the same emotions. Not only are you getting a history here but there are first hand video accounts of veterans retelling their experiences. Some are humorous, while others are down right heart breaking. They are raw, real and will move even the most hardened of hearts.

Hand written correspondence is also represented here with some historical letters and postcards sent from soldiers and their families.

Close to the end of the main floors exhibit is an area where people can post up a hand written question and veterans can answer back. Some questions are about life in deployment while others are deeper and ponder the question, “Would you enlist again?”

There are 3 levels to the Veteran’s Memorial and Museum. There is a main floor, which you’ve seen throughout the beginning of the article. Then, there is another floor below, which contains the combat photography of Stacy Pearsall.

I only provide a small sampling of Pearsall’s work here, but please, go and experience the entire exhibit. Her work is absolutely fantastic and captures a feeling you want to experience.

The third floor is the mezzanine. Here, you’ll see some very colorful windows and a few displays.

An exterior door takes you to an amphitheater style area with beautiful views of the Columbus Skyline.

With the experience found here and the great work that this non-profit organization does, we highly recommend going to this memorial/museum, with a relatively nominal fee for admission and parking going to support them.

Come. Experience. Feel. Understand. Support. Not only do these things for the current and past veterans, but also for the future veterans that will continue to keep this great nation of ours free.

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