Arnold Sport Festival 2020 – Expo Postponed Due to CoronaVirus Concerns

Hello there VisualOhio viewers! We found out earlier today that Arnold announced that the Expo is being postponed due to concern of bringing 250,000 people together from all over the world because of the concern of the spread of the CoronaVirus.

It will be investigated to see if the Expo can be held later on in the year once the health concerns of this very serious virus runs its course.

Giving a statement on Twitter, Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed that it was with great sadness that the Expo needed to be cancelled, but being that this is the premier health, sports and fitness event – health of the people is more important than making money.

Here is the full statement:

We agree with Arnold on this. We are not sure the extent of what will be going on. The IFBB, Strongman/Strongwoman and other sport events and athletes will be competing and the Arnold Classic is going to go on.

We are not sure if the media will be allowed to cover the events that are going on and if so, to what extent will that be curtailed.

We will update you when we have more information. We should be able to have a definitive answer to all these questions sometime on 3/4/2020.

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