Arnold Sport Festival 2020 – The Competitions Continue Without Spectators

The first day of the Arnold Sports Festival has come and the athletes are competing…but with minimal crowds. Per Ohio Department of Health Director’s Order, no spectators are allowed to view the general events. Spectators are allowed to buy tickets and view the competitions being held in the Battelle Grand Ballroom.

A copy of the order can be found below.

For those looking for an updated schedule for the weekend, check out this link from the official Arnold Sports Festival website:

We are going to try and get some content out to you at the end of each day. We know it must be very hard for the fans not being able to attend, so we are trying to give you content as early as we possibly can.

Thursday’s events centered mainly around USA Powerlifting as well as amateur Women and Men figure, fitness and physique. We focus on the women competitors. Below, some shots of the clean and jerk at the USA Powerlifting competition.

We leave Hall A and head back to the Battelle Grand where we got to cover some of the women’s fitness, figure, and bikini.

It definitely is a very different vibe around the event this year. However, everyone involved is doing their best to move forward.

While the athletes definitely feed off the energy of the crowds, the talent level and competitiveness is at the highest level you would expect for an Arnold Sports Festival.

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