Arnold Sports Festival 2020 – Disabled Strongman

Closing out our coverage of the Arnold Sports Festival 2020 is the Disabled Strongman competition.

Your field of athletes for the Arnold Disabled Strongman 2020

Sunday, we went straight to Hall C at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Back in the Strongman Arena, strength athletes with disabilities compete. They are pushing heavy weights in very similar competitions to the Pro Strongman competitions. The movements are just modified to allow them to work around some challenges.

The great Magnus ver Magnusson, coordinated the competitions as the athletes competed.

It was a great inspiration to see these athletes giving their all and letting nothing stand in their way. Like all strongmen/strongwoman competitions, they are striving for victory, but there is a brotherhood amongst all where any pull or any number of reps are encouraged and supported by all.

Strong in will, strong in desire, strong in determination. This is what a strongman/strongwoman competitor lives by.

Seated deadlift
Sebastiana Lopez
Standing Deadlift
Tommy Ahn pushing out the reps for the seated overhead press
Mike Diehl
Overhead dumbbell press for reps
Seated sled pull
Magnus ver Magnusson and Billy Petrinczyk

At the end of the competition, Magnus hands out the winners awards and shakes every hand.

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  1. Mike Deal says:

    How does a disabled person enter the strongman competition?


    1. One can contact the great people over at for more information on entering disabled strongman competitions.


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