Arnold Sport Festival 2020 – IFBB Roundup

Looking through the list of competitors for this year’s Arnold Classic, you know there is some stiff competition.

A lot of major players in the the IFBB space represented.
We had a chance to see the pre-judging and everyone was in top form!

William Bonac
Arnold Classic 2020 Champion

There were some, where this was their first Arnold Classic appearance. Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay from Kuwait impressed and lived up to his name. Impressively “Big Ramy” finished the Arnold Classic 2020 placing 3rd out of the field. Given this was his first time in the Arnold Classic – hitting 3rd place is a great way to start!

Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay

Akim Williams who’s first Arnold Classic appearance was in 2019 returned. His leg definition reminded us a lot of Kai Greene and his stage presence and energy made sure we took notice. Akim would finish out the festivities on Saturday night with a seventh place finish.

Akim Williams

The main battle would be between the veterans of William Bonac and Dexter Jackson.
Jackson was looking to make the 2020 season his 6th Arnold Classic win. He would have to beat out “The Conquerer”, William Bonac.

Dexter Jackson

In a very close competition, William Bonac did manage to claim the victory and secure his 2nd Arnold Classic title.

So, congratulations to William Bonac for his Arnold Classic 2020 win!

Jackson, still not done though, will move on to attempt to garner a win at Mr. Olympia later this year.

Cedric McMillan

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