Street Art at Milo-Grogan, Columbus, OH

Yes, the COVID19 pandemic is making life different. Ohio has its stay at home order in effect, but still some are needing to go out, while others still choose to go out.

We chose to go out and look for something low to no-risk to ourselves and others in regards to exposure and adhering to the social distancing guidelines in place. This ends up being, for us – looking for street art, murals and the like.

Dani is great at research and navigation, so I put all my faith in her and just blindly followed her directions to our first destination.

We went to a location for some street art and murals.

Milo-Grogan Neighborhood

For history on the neighborhood, check out the Wikipedia entry below.

The Art

Street art is an awesome thing. The styles range from photo realistic to impressionistic. Skill levels also range from beginner to advanced. The Milo-Grogan examples seem to fall from intermediate to advanced skill levels.

There is a lot to see and take in at this location, so spend some time really investigating the work!

The Old School Building

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