Arnold Sports Festival 2020 – Pro Strongwomen & Record Breakers

VisualOhio has covered the Arnold Pro Strongwoman since the first time it was brought to Columbus. The women’s event is every bit as entertaining as the men’s and continues to grow in popularity and viewership each year.

This year, we got to cover a few of the events.

Olga Liaschuck from the Netherlands took a second consecutive Arnold Pro Strongwoman title.

On a side note, for the Rogue Record Breakers series, Andrea Thompson performed a record 621lb deadlift.

Brooke Sousa put in a strong performance as well, here one one pass of the yoke carry.

Other exciting competitions pitted competitors directly against each other, like the stone over bar.

The intensity and excitement are high! Next time you are at the Arnold, make sure you come by and support the Pro Women athletes at the Strongwoman competitions, both amateur and pro!!

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