Gallant Farm

COVID19 is still a reality. We are doing our best to try and venture out when and where we can, thinking of the safety of others as well as ourselves.

We made the trip to Delaware county and one of the parks in the Preservation Parks system. Gallant Woods Park and Gallant Farm.

We started at the main parking area of the Gallant Woods Park and took the short stroll from there to the road. Directly across the street is Gallant Farm. This is one of those living historical farms, where it basically encapsulates life from a specific time period.

Other than the staff, we were the only ones there during our visit.

We walked the grounds and captured a few pictures of the farm, the barns.

We plan to visit again in the future when things are a bit more open and possibly when they will be having some public events. Until then, we hope you enjoy the images we captured of the farm.

What do you think? Pay this place a visit in the future? We will!

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