Wagnalls Memorial Library

On Columbus Street in Lithopolis, sits a very unique architectural structure.

In 1925, Mabel Wagnalls Jones dedicated the building to her parents. The building was designed by a local Columbus architect names Ray Sims. The majority of construction workers and materials are Lithopolis native.

Several additions were done over the years, in 1961, 1983, and 1992.

Due to COVID19 conditions, admission into the library was not possible at this time. We will try and get interior shots at a later date on a follow up story. This story will concentrate on the exterior of the building as well as the garden area.

Wagnalls Memorial has put out some interesting activities in the garden for families to enjoy until they can repopen.

Exterior architecture is very interesting a does give you a feeling of Art Deco in the accents. This was a popular theme of the time.

The garden area has a bee hive and several structures built from stone.

It is great to have communities providing activities however they can during the COVID19 era. Wagnalls Memorial Library has thought outside the box and figured out unique ways of using their resources to help give the community things to do when so much is still unavailable.

If you happen to be in the Lithopolis area, you should stop by and take a look at the architecture and gardens. Well worth the trip.

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