Casey Goodson Protest In Westerville, OH

Not much official information has been provided on this incident, on Dec 4, 2020 Casey Goodson Jr was shot at his front door by a Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy who was working in conjunction with the US Marshall’s Office.

The US Marshall’s task force was charged with apprehending violent criminals with the assistance of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department.

From the little accounts that were shared, it was stated that Goodson was not a target of the tasks force’s primary investigation. There was a claim that Goodson drove by an operation scene and brandished a firearm at deputies.

There were also claims that there was a verbal exchange between Goodson and Deputy Jason Meade prior to shots being fired.

Goodson’s family members stated that he was returning home from work and bringing food home to his family.

This incident is still under investigation by the Columbus Division of Police and evidence collected so far has been turned over to the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office.

There are many conflicting reports, so it is still unclear on what truly transpired.

That is all that is known at this time on the case.

Happened upon this scene by chance as I was looking for some photo opportunities on Dec. 13. COVID19 has made street photography scarce as does doing your best to comply with requests from the local authorities for social distancing and curfews.

However, I needed to get out far a bit and see what I could find.

I headed to Westerville, going to Inniswood Metro Park and Uptown Westerville. I parked on the street in front of Java Central. I heard the chants of, “No justice, no peace, no racist police” as I parked the car.

The peaceful protestors held their signs and for a few hours held them high and continued to chant.
Many passer-bys honked their horns in support of their message.

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