Street Art at LookoutSupply, Columbus, OH

We went to a location for some street art and murals to start out the 2021! These are at Lookout Supply on 3440 W Broad Street in Columbus, OH 43204.

We go this location as a submitted lead. Please remember that you can contact us on the website and submit a lead on the supplied form. We really appreciate your finds and your help makes this site better!

Lookout Supply

Based on the information we could find from their Facebook page, Lookout Supply is a retail location that has a focus on public art, murals and the graffiti culture.

They have art supplies, paint and street wear.

The Art

You may not see the art from the street, but if you pull into the side access road, you’ll see one wall with some murals on it. There are some free standing wooden boards toward the back.

Continuing on to the back and other side of the building, there are more graffiti and mural scenes. We’ve included some of our favorites below.

The themes that are shown leads me to believe that they probably change the designs up quite often. This will be a place that we revisit from time to time and see what new designs they share with the world!

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