Franklinton Cemetery


In the heart of downtown Columbus is it’s origin. The first settlement, in what is now called Franklin county, was established in 1797. As the city of Columbus grew, Franklinton was annexed and incorporated in 1859.

Franklinton is now a neighborhood in west downtown Columbus known primarily for its art scene and micro-brews.

The Franklinton Cemetery was created in 1799. By 1811, there was a church built on the site, but that church no longer stands.

By 1870, most of the burials there had been moved to Greenlawn Cemetery.

The address for the cemetery:
780 River Street
Columbus, OH


A stone wall surrounds the cemetery location and it has more of a park feel to it than a cemetery. When we visited, the yard was well groomed and beautiful flowers were blooming.

There are area that show where the old church used to be and give you a little history about the cemetery.

It is a neat little area located in the middle of downtown. A place where you can sit and reflect and get a bit of a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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