Day of the Dead Festival – Greenlawn Cemetery


Columbus, Ohio has started to embrace more the traditions of it’s Hispanic community. VisualOhio had previously covered the Latine Heritage Parade, and now we can share some impressions of the Day of the Dead Festival.

The purpose of this event is to help you experience an authentic Dia de los Muertos as it is celebrated in Mexico. It does not limit itself there, though as there are other Hispanic cultures represented as well.

Offerings, grave decorations, traditional food vendors, live music, education and arts are all there to give you an opportunity to learn, expand your understanding of other cultures.

More detailed information can be found at the official Day of the Dead Columbus website. The 2022 event occurred on October 8th.

1000 Greenlawn Ave
Columbus, OH 43223


You get the feeling of a small yet powerful event at the Day of the Dead Columbus festival. Steeped in so much heritage and culture…the people at the event were so very accepting and gracious in teaching.

Many Latine cultures are an amalgamation of indigenous and European traditions and this event expresses that in many of the activities here.

While this years event has passed, please use this site to see what we saw, prepare for next year and if you have time – check it out and support it and the large Latine community in Columbus.

Parking – there were police and volunteers directing you where to go for parking. It is along the roadways that twist about in the cemetery grounds. It may be a short walk to the main mausoleum area which is the center of the festival area.

Enjoy the images!

Living Memorial

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