Bucyrus Train Station – T&OC Rail Station


For the background on this specific depot, there is already an excellent article about it’s history. Our friends over at Akron Railroads gave us permission to link to it below!

700 E Rensselaer St
Bucyrus, OH 44820


These historic structures are a small glimpse into life from years ago. Stations where people would gather to board a train to go from city to city within the state or to begin a longer journey across the nation.

Old wooden doors, turrets, large windows are typical of the architecture of the time that this depot was built.

a relatively recent renovation was done. We have no frame of reference on what the station looked like before, but in it’s current state, it looks good.

A great place to sit and watch trains, if you like or love the world of railroading – then this is a fun stop to make if you are in the Bucyrus area.

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