Quarry Trail Metro Park

Millikin Falls Area (Upper Falls Overlook)


One of the newest metro parks in Columbus sports 2 distinct sections connected by a multi purpose trail.

While there is still some construction ongoing, both sections are open and the bulk of the construction is happening between them.

One section contains the mountain biking track area. Going into the main entrance, drive off to the right. A little ways down the road, you’ll see the first parking area to your left. If you go straight past that lot and turn left – you’ll find another lot past the bike track section.

Quarry Trail Metro Park – Mountain Bike Area
2600 Dublin Road, Columbus, Ohio 43228

The second section has the main lot for the quickest access to Millikin Falls area. The falls can be seen from an overlook, as seen in the first image on this post and a lower access to the falls is just past and to the left of the upper falls overlook. Be careful, as there are just large stone steps leading down with no hand rails.

Quarry Trail Metro Park – Millikin Falls Area
2158 Dublin Road, Columbus, Ohio 43228

Millikin Falls (Lower Falls Access)

Floating Boardwalk Access From Turtle Cover Quarry Overlook


We visited this park about a year ago. A story was not done at that time because we wanted to wait until there was more construction completed. Now, we feel that there is enough done that most people can enjoy the core parts of the park.

Know that there are still lots of construction ongoing and the main entrance to the park goes off to the right when you enter.

The main area has a course for mountain biking. Lots of obstacles and areas there for the biking enthusiast to enjoy. From this area, you can access the paved multi-purpose trail and take that around and across, ending at the Millikin Falls area, the quarry access to Turtle Cove.

View of Cliff From Mountain Biking Area

There is also a parking lot access to the Turtle Cove/Millikin Falls area, if you do not want to make the walk from the main entrance.

Turtle Cove has kayak access, a playground, picnic tables and through some of the quarry areas a floating boardwalk that leads up to a quarry overlook. At the top of the quarry overlook is also the access to the paved multi-purpose trail, connecting you to the other side of the park and the mountain biking area.

We can really see the potential here for this park. There are so many interesting things here to see in all areas. Please go and check out this park.

The trails are dog friendly, so if you like to bring your canine companion with you, this park is for you!

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