Ascalon Sword Festival 2023


The multi-day event featuring Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and is hosted by the Royal Fencing Academy’s founder Julia Richey returns again to Ohio in 2023. 2023 had the event hosted at the Royal Arts Fencing Academy School.

Ascalon is the name of the sword used by Saint George to slay the dragon. Information on this can be found HERE, for those that wish to dig deeper


Another spectacular year of HEMA was experienced at the Royal Arts Fencing Academy. in 2023, VisualOhio staff covered the full armored one on one combat event.

This event featured combatants fighting in three rounds. Each round consists of competitions with three different weapons – broadsword, spear and war hammer.

The matches were full of high impact strikes and the pace was very high energy.

Points are scored by strategically placed strikes on the opponents body or by forcing them outside the arena boundary.

Check out some of our images from this years competition…and better yet, keep and eye out for next years event and attend!!

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